So, I’ve tried to pare down what I will need for 4-5 days travelling, and it looks like this:


This includes a change of clothes, some basics to stop me smelling like I’ve died, somewhere to sleep and something to warm stuff up with (I’m useless without coffee in the morning). I will have to be stopping to pick up supplies, but I have the basics to cook pasta, make porridge and brew tea / coffee. What’s missing from this lot is a basic first aid kit. Actually, there’s a lot missing from this lot, but I’m not sure where I’d put it.
So having strategically stashed everything in the Alpkit packs on my bike, I’m now dragging 20kg of bike with me.


I was a little worried about how that would feel, but I needn’t have been. A quick morning blast with a loaded bike proved that it handled fine, rolled fine and apart from being predictably a little sluggish up hills, wasn’t too much extra effort to ride. I also had the opportunity to try out an video camera. Not sure how I will go about fixing this to the bike, but the videos are fun

fully loaded ride from Matthew Gaskell on Vimeo.


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