Stuff!! Travelling Light

Thanks to great companies like Alpkit, touring (or bikepacking as the youngsters call it nowadays) seems to be a much more streamlined affair these days. Rather than huge, loafing donkey packs slung over the wheels, we have sleek, centrally loaded bags that keep us more aero and do away with the need to meticulously split your luggage by weight to be able to move in a straight line. The beast is now ready for the road, and an assortment of high tech bags means that I can carry my toothbrush in cossetted luxury. Look at this monster!

So I can now carry the essentials for 4 days in the saddle care of this lovely Alpkit technology. And I do mean ESSENTIALS. There’s no room here for even for just a pair extra underpants (so I will have to be careful) so travelling light for 4 days means this:

1 tent
1 sleeping bag (lightweight)
1 roll mat
1 change of shorts, jersey and socks.
Waterproof jacket
insulated jacket (doubles as nightwear if it’s cold)
small deodorant stick
toothbrush and toothpaste
1 pack of baby wipes (in lieu of a shower – euch)
credit cards
lights and batteries
multitool, spare tube, tyre and tyre levers.
Some energy gels and protein bars.
portable USB battery.
Chapeau! brand chamois cream

I wonder what I’ve forgotten?..


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