New Wheels!

Isn’t it a pain when life gets in the way of your plans? So the last month I should have been busily racking up miles and spending every available moment in the saddle and working on my endurance, but in fact I’ve not managed very much in the way of riding at all. Obviously it’s not my fault. But it looks like my challenge will be significantly more mental and physical than originally anticipated. Physically, I think I’m way past the point where I can actually be prepared now, so I guess I just have to prepared myself mentally for the agonies ahead.So back to those excuses… First problem was that my front wheel started singing to me, not in a terribly tuneful way. Turned out to be a gritty bearing so that was stripped and cleaned, but in the meantime, being a 1 bike person, I didn’t ride (I ran a bit though). Next up my rear wheel had a brief dance with my son’s foot, rendering the wheel a couple of spokes lighter, and giving poor Ben’s foot a nice blue bruise. Note to self, don’t give the kids a ‘backie’ when you only own one set of wheels. Sorry Ben.

 I was quite proud of the repair job that I did on the back wheel; it was almost straight in the end, and I managed to get one of the spokes back in, but sadly the hub was too damaged to take the second spoke back. 

It survived a 40 mile ride, but then started to make a noise like an old broken wind up music box as the spokes pinged and vibrated against each other. So… a new set of wheels. I have to say, I’m astonished at how much nicer the new wheels are than the old. I’ve always been of the opinion that as long as they are round, then that’s enough, and I’m definitely still not about to spend more on wheels than the bike cost (you can quite easily do that it seems) but these new wheels seem faster and more comfortable than the old. How is that possible? First ride out on them my average speed was up 2kmh over my previous outing. When you’re as slow as me, that has to mean something?

So anyway, next weekend, is the weekend of the Dynamo. 120 miles through the night. I’m looking forward to it.


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