First Post What I am doing. What AM I doing???

Some people may choose to categorise this as some kind of minor mid life crisis. If it is, at least it’s a benevolent one. I could be staring down the bonnet of a Porsche, through the handlebars of a Harley Davidson…. or possibly worse. Instead I find myself standing at the start line of my first 100 miler, which will form part of my haphazard training for a ride which is slightly more challenging in only 3 months time.

What I’m contemplating is a 900 km ‘ride to work’, alone, unsupported, and I’m utterly, utterly unaware of what it actually means to attempt a challenge like this. Am I prepared? I honestly don’t know. I believe I can do it, I’m just not sure yet how much it’s going to hurt.

So the Suffolk Sunrise is a charity ride organised by Action Medical Research. It was my first official bash at a 100 mile event and I was cycling with my mate Gavin, who’s a seasoned pro at these things. The event took place in Suffolk (who’d have thought?). In 100 miles, you only gain about 600m, so it’s essentially flat.

It wasn’t really representative of my eventual route, but being an Essex boy, there are no hills to train on round here, so riding up inclines is a bridge I will just have to cross when I get to it.

I’m not quick, so we didn’t break any records, but we kept up a steady average of 26 kmh (sounds so much better in metric) over the distance. I’ll post a full event summary soon…